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Snake Repel - Snake Repellant - “Don’t Get Bitten”

Snake Repel is a repellant that is ONLY effective when applied to repel snakes in their NATURAL movement. Any coerced application will NOT be effective, as a snake is an extremely sensitive animal, which uses its tongue to pick up small air particles to smell, that humans cannot see with the natural eye, these air particles are then identified by the snakes sensory organ, the Jacobson's organ, hence the repulsion BUT only in the snakes natural movement.

Available in 12 x 250ml, 12 x 500ml, 1x5L and 1x20L pack sizes.

Snake Repel is also approved by the Department of Agriculture. Registration Number: L7505 of Act 36 of 1947.

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Snake Repel

Go Gecko - Gecko Repellant

Go Gecko is environmentally friendly and Non-toxic, and designed to be used indoors and outdoors. When applied to an affected area which has geckos, the product adheres to the surface and allows a slow release of the active chemical ingredient into the air around the spray site, causing geckos temporary distress to their respiratory system, this chases them away.

Geckos are extremely territorial and the moment the resident animals are chased away and leave the area that was recently sprayed, a new male will enter the area, attempting to take residence. In order to break this cycle regular spraying needs to be maintained.

The product lasts for a period of two (2) weeks once applied. In highly infested area's more regular spraying will be necessary.


Available in 12 x 250ml, 12 x 500ml, 1x5L and 1x20L pack sizes.

Go Gecko is scientifically proven and registered by the National Department of Agriculture Act 36 of 1947.

Go Gecko Buyers Guide

Go Gecko

Real Care - Braai Cleaner

Go Gecko Buyers Guide

Real Care Braai Cleaner


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